Beyonce Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of Her Super Bowl Rehearsals

Bey posts a bevy of images taken from her Super Bowl rehearsals, and we pick our favorites.

There are only two certainties heading into this weekend's Super Bowl 47 in New Orleans: Ray Lewis will cry at some point, and Beyonce will perform at halftime.

Everything else? We'll leave that to the players on the field. Instead, we're going to focus on Beyonce's high-profile halftime gig. Will she debut a new song? Shock the world by reuniting with Destiny's Child? Join the ranksof the all-time greats? All of these questions will be answered on Super Sunday ... though there's one thing we already know for sure: Bey has been putting in work in the lead up to the show.

For proof, look no further than her Instagram account, where she's posted several photos of rehearsals for her halftime extravaganza. And though Bey was careful not to reveal any secrets of the performance (unless she's planning on wearing a "Can I Live?" shirt on stage), even the slimmest of sneak peeks have us excited for the big show ... oh, and we guess the actual Super Bowl, too. Here's a look at our favorite behind-the-scenes photos from Beyonce's rehearsals.

MTV Style's already speculating about whether or not she'll wear stripes at the Super Bowl, but what we love about this singular image of her holding a microphone is the quiet confidence it evokes. Beyonce clearly knows this is her stage, and she's determined to absolutely own it.

Speaking of that, check out Beyonce's bad-ass pose. Does this look like a woman who would shrink from the spotlight? Yeah, we don't think so either.

A striking shot of Bey's dancers, mid-routine. The Super Bowl is perhaps the biggest stage in the world, and based on this image, it looks like she's going to try her best to fill it with bodies in motion.

One of Bey's dancers sprawled out on the floor, either due to exhaustion or excitement (or maybe she's just stretching). Does this mean we can expect some serious floor exercises in her Super Bowl performance?

You gotta stretch before a performance this huge, and props to Bey for repping her husband's team, even during rehearsals. Any chance Jay will be joining her onstage this Sunday? We can certainly hope!

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