Selena Gomez Snaps Pics In Studio: Lights, Camera... New Music!

Gomez shares some behind-the-scenes photos while working on her 2013 album release.

Selenators take note: Selena Gomez is hard at work on her next album and she looks like she's having a blast doing it.

Ahead of her March single release, the singer has tweeted out photos from her recording sessions with production team Rock Mafia, taking her fans along for the recording journey as she cooks up tunes for her 2013 album release.

So, just what is she doing in between tracks? Well, one photo features her paying homage to Kate Hudson's groupie character from "Almost Famous." She wrote, "Today in the studio... I'm Penny Lane from Almost Famous," perfectly describing the snapshot of her with her hair long and wavy, rocking some vintage-inspired, heart-shaped sunglasses.

And while another photo featured Gomez fist-pumping with her tongue out in the studio (maybe copying Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Getting Back Together" pose?), the caption hinted at a less fun-loving mood. She wrote, "It's a sad, sad serenade @rock_mafia"

The final clue she's delved out on Twitter about this next album, her follow-up to 2011's When the Sun Goes Down, reads, "I can make the Stars Dance... @rock_mafia." Gomez then poses, in front of a mixing board, mid-dance. And, her barely there tank top and trucker hat definitely look like they were inspired by "Spring Breakers."

What does any of this mean in the context of her album release? Take it from Selena herself, who has opened up a bit about the album, which she announced last November, and its musical influences to MTV News.

"Taylor [Swift] inspires me — not even in music, just in everything that she does," Gomez said. "She's such an incredible person."

"Skrillex was a big inspiration because he did the score of 'Spring Breakers,' so being a part of that and meeting him and watching 'Spring Breakers' a thousand times through festivals and stuff, you kinda get hooked on it," she added of the EDM producer. "So I was like, 'I should kind of add a little bit of that in there.' "

Taylor Swift + Skrillex = Selena Gomez's next album!

At the end of the day, it's not just what it sounds like that has fans excited, but also who she might be singing about. After all the rumors, Bieber recently addressed their breakup on his brand-new album, Believe Acoustic, on the heartfelt breakup track, "Nothing Like Us."

And she's hinted that she's also going to get real on this album.

"I think the older I'm getting the more I'm just kind of like, 'I'm cool to share my side of the stories as much as I can,' " Gomez said. "So I'm having a lot of fun."