Drake And Future 'Vibing' Leads To Lil Wayne's 'Good Kush & Alcohol'

'It just came out dope,' producer Mike WiLL Made It tells MTV News about creative process behind I Am Not a Human Being II track.

Name five of your favorite hip-hop songs from 2012, and chances are Mike WiLL Made It was behind at least a couple of those beats. From "Bandz a Make Her Dance" to "Mercy," the ATL producer really announced his arrival last year, and he has no intentions of slowing down.

One of his latest beats is on the Future and Drake-featured single "Good Kush & Alcohol," tentatively set to appear on Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being II album, and he explained to MTV News how it ended up on Weezy's radar.

"It was a session with me, Future and Drake," he said, explaining the preliminary stages of recording. "We were just vibing — me and Future, we just throw out different ideas with each other — and he'd come up with the melody for 'Good Kush & Alcohol,' and I thought it sounded dope. It reminded me of the mockingbird ['Hush, Little Baby'] melody.

"Drake was [also] in the room and were just all vibing off of each other," he continued. "Drake came over and was listening to what Future was doing and told him, 'Yo, it would be ill if you come back and say, "Long as my bitches love me." ' [Then I suggested] 'Drake, you should just be on the hook.' Both of them are creative geniuses, so I was just like, 'It'd be ill if you came back right after him and said that [again].' "

From there, Future and Drake's addition to the track aligned seamlessly, and when there was a completed beat with a hook on it, Mike Will got some interest from Wayne's camp. "I thought it'd be dope to have both of them on the hook, so Future went in, then Drake went in, and then I was messing with [manager] Gee Roberson and he told me, 'Wayne needs some sh--. He needs that next single, we need some dope records.' "

Mike Will then consulted with Future, who had no problem turning what they'd created over to Lil Wayne for consideration. "Future had a couple ideas for verses, but he wasn't sure how he wanted to go about it, he wasn't sure if he wanted to put another feature, or how he wanted to do it, so I asked him, 'What you think about me sending this to Wayne?' So I sent it over to him, and Wayne ended up liking it. He laid down a couple of different verses to it, a couple of different ideas and stuck with the verses he had, and it just came out dope."

Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being II is set for release this spring, and in the meantime, Mike Will is going to be busy working with a long list of other artists, in addition to crafting his official studio debut. Stay tuned to MTV News for more details.