50 Cent Used Diddy As Inspiration For 'Major Distribution' Clip

Fif looked at Diddy and G. Dep's 'Let's Get It' video when preparing his new clip with Snoop Dogg and Young Jeezy

You wouldn't think that 50 Cent and Diddy would have very much in common, aside from the size of their bank accounts and the fact that they both made their mark in hip-hop. But for Fif's latest "Major Distribution" video, the G-Unit juggernaut looked to King Combs for a bit of inspiration.

"When I played the song for [director] Eif [Rivera] what I did was I took other music videos that had a similar vibe," 50 told MTV News after he dropped the video, which also features Snoop Dogg and Young Jeezy, last week.

The main clip that Fif referenced was "Let's Get It," a collaboration track between Diddy, G. Dep and Black Rob that served as a single for both Puff's The Saga Continues... LP and Dep's Child of the Ghetto LP in 2001.

Though 50 revealed that he filmed the video in three parts, with Snoop doing his part separately in Los Angeles, he wanted to create cohesion like the one in the stylish Bad Boy vid. "The video had three people that had a strong presence at the moment: Black Rob and then Puff and then G. Dep," he explained of his inspiration. "It was cool to see those three work together."

"Major Distribution" is the second music video from 50's upcoming Street King Immortal, the first was the more pop-friendly "My Life" with Eminem and Maroon 5 rocker Adam Levine. "It offers the basic kinda street energy to the record that feels good because it's missing from hip-hop right now," 50 said of the drug-trafficking ode.

Still, for all of the music video's hard-rock appeal, his favorite part isn't the golden guns, beautiful models or the Maybach Music chain, it is Snoop Dogg's Rasta-inspired shades. The rapper, who has recently stepped into the Reggae world under the name Snoop Lion, rocked glittery red, gold and green glasses as an ode to his new-found Rastafarian roots. "Snoop's choice to wear those glasses was real cool," Fif gushed. "Of all the things he could've done to make a statement, he just chose the right thing at that point."

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