Justin Bieber's Believe Acoustic Even Has Non-Beliebers Raving

The unplugged album, out today, is 'perfection,' diehard fans and Bieber newbies agree.

Believe it or not, Justin Bieber's fans are all about his brand-new acoustic album. Out now, Believe Acoustic features unplugged renditions of tracks off his 2012 release, as well as three new tunes, including one about his breakup with Selena Gomez, "Nothing Like Us."

Judging by the tweets, fans are enjoying the unplugged Bieber quite a lot. "Bieber's new acoustic album is just pure swaggy. #Kudos," ‏@ElyarFox wrote, while @dahlham added, "Not gonna lie, Justin bieber's acoustic album is perf."

Fans were so hyped, in fact, that they were telling anyone and everyone to go out and buy it. "lol i just told my doctor to buy believe acoustic album by justinbieber because its amazing and he was like 'huh ? um ok'," @rauhlny tweeted.

"Justin Bieber's new album Believe Acoustic is pretty tight," @NatTheCreator wrote. "I have to admit he's talented af. Def requesting this to all my friends."

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If you're looking for a more of a reason to give the album a spin, fans have turned out in droves to tell the world how much they love this album. @RicardoOrdieres declared the album "Heaven to my ears," while ‏@aranzavega123 noted it "is just perfect omg."

In fact, one track reiterated the love that his fans already have for him. "Justin Bieber's acoustic version of Boyfriend >>> Oh my lord, just marry me already," @arguello_monica tweeted.

But it's not just the die-hard Beliebers who are going nuts over the release. Even people who wouldn't normally blast Bieber are getting on his team. @ilyCarliee shared, "okay I don't even like Justin bieber but this acoustic album is pretty perfect."

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