Justin Bieber On Selena Gomez Breakup: 'There's So Many Rumors'

Bieber opens up to Billboard about split, ahead of Tuesday's Believe Acoustic.

Beliebers already have it marked on their calendars, but for those not in the know, Justin Bieber drops his Believe Acoustic album Tuesday. Amid unplugged versions of tracks from his 2012 release, there are also three new tracks, one of which, "Nothing Like Us," is Bieber's ode to former flame Selena Gomez.

"Because at the end of the day, there's nothing like us, you know? That's just it. It is what it is," Bieber says in the new issue of Billboard about the tune, which manager Scooter Braun confirmed is about the split. "People are going to relate to that."

Bieber has remained pretty tight-lipped about his breakup with Gomez, until now. And with this new album full of personal experience, Bieber told the magazine he's feeling the pain of that breakup. "I'm not in the happiest place that I've ever been," he said. "I'm trying to get through what I'm going through. Like I said, I have my really close friends to cheer me up and keep me going."

The singer and his ex recently made headlines when they each performed versions of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River," but Bieber didn't go into specifics about that or any of the speculation about what split them up.

"There's so many rumors. People say I call Selena every day and she won't pick up the phone or I'm chasing her down, and these are all fake stories," he said. "I don't go on blogs or anything like that. I hear things. People tell me if something happens on the Internet. It gets back to me, definitely."

While Bieber is dealing with a lot right now, he insists there are still lighter moments. "Definitely, all of the time," he said. "I'm 18. I have a great team around me. I have great friends. We have a blast. They keep me occupied and my mind off of the negative things. It's funny when people are like, 'You're 18. What have you really gone through?' I'm thinking, 'What do you mean? When you were 18, you don't think that you went through stuff?' When you are 18, you're going through that transition. You have a high school girlfriend, you might not. Going to college. Figuring yourself out, leaving home."

During the chat, he also opened up about his disappointment over not getting nominated for any Grammy Awards (which he says is now water under the bridge) and potential new music he's working on, as well as the excitement that Believe Acoustic is poised to debut at the top of the charts.

At the end of the day, he said his life is about taking the good with the bad. "I don't have any regrets," he said. "I live and I learn. My mom says, 'You got to learn the hard way, don't you?' That's me. I learn the hard way. But it's about how I pick myself up and be better and stronger."

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