SAG Awards 2013: Winners And Losers

Jennifer Lawrence jumps into Best Actress lead, and everyone else falls behind 'Argo.'

The Screen Actors Guild Awards can work as a rather dependable predictor of who will take home trophies in the acting categories just a few weeks later. The winners and losers Sunday night are largely those who cemented their Oscar hopes and those who may have to say goodbye.

As we turn the corner toward the Academy Awards, the winners and losers at Sunday's ceremony may look familiar in a few weeks, so those with an Oscar pool to win might want to pay attention.

These are the winners and losers of the 19th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards:

Winner: Jennifer Lawrence

The war of Jennifer versus Jessica may have very well come to an end at the SAG Awards. With "Zero Dark Thirty" still battling criticism in the press and Lawrence's stock on the rise, the Best Actress race appears to be favoring the star of "Silver Linings Playbook," who once again collected an award despite questionable health. Pneumonia or not, Lawrence jumped into the lead.

Loser: Opening Sequence Jokes

SAGs, listen: We get that you're not a "fancy" awards show with a "host" or anything, but since that's the case, you don't have to try to be funny. Spare us the red-carpet shot of Jessica Chastain looking "Zero Dark Flirty" or making us listen as you tell Ben Affleck, "Argo grab your seat." Puns have had better nights.

Winner: "30 Rock"

The big TV story of the night was a fond farewell to Tina Fey's brilliant, but tragically under-watched, "30 Rock." Though the comedy missed out on the ensemble awards, both Fey and Alec Baldwin (he wins every year) collected awards for the final season.

Loser: Best Picture Nominees That Aren't "Argo"

When the Ben Affleck-directed thriller collected the Golden Globe for Best Picture - Drama, many took it as a nice redemptive note for the Oscar-snubbed director, but with the SAG win for Best Ensemble, a Best Picture win at the Oscars is looking more and more likely for "Argo."

Winner: MTV

Thanks, Jen. We love you too.

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