Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z: See Pics From 'Suit & Tie' Set!

The duo don formal wear, flash smiles in photos from Los Angeles set.

Slow down, Justin Timberlake, we can't keep up with all this good music-related news!

We've barely gotten over the excitement surrounding your chart-topping new single "Suit & Tie," and then you go and release a slick, sexy lyric video — and now there are photos of you playing in the rain with Jay-Z on the set of the full-length music video? It's almost too much to take in!

Behold these charming pictures that surfaced Friday (January 25) depicting a fun-loving Timberlake palling around with his "Suit & Tie" co-star Jay-Z on the Los Angeles set of the video. As the single dictates, both men are dressed in their finest black-and-white formalwear, partially. The photos show the duo in white dress shirts, untied bowties, black cummerbunds and black slacks. All that is missing is the jacket and a tied tie!

T.I. revealed to MTV News that he reunited with Justin Timberlake for some new music!

The best part about the photos — in addition to seeing Timberlake and Jay partially suited up, of course — is that it's obvious the two are having a great time together. In the first photo, Jay is laughing at JT, who is crouching next to him, holding a white umbrella over their heads with a goofy expression, as if he was pretending to be Jay's official umbrella-holder or something. Another photo is a solo shot of a laughing Timberlake holding the just-closed umbrella.

So let the speculation begin: When will we see the finished video? No word yet, but Timberlake did promise that his next full-length album, The 20/20 Experience, will arrive this year.

What are you expecting from the "Suit & Tie" video? Let us know in the comments!