Justin Bieber's Believe Acoustic: Everything You Need To Know

From those Nick Jonas duet rumors to hints that Bieber will address his personal life dramas, MTV News gets you ready for the January 29 release.

Justin Bieber is stripping down ... for his latest musical release. On Tuesday, Believe Acoustic will hit retailers, and the 11-track album features some key songs off 2012's Believe, as well as three brand-new tunes for Beliebers' listening pleasure.

Since Justin first announced the LP in December, hype around the release has grown with each passing week (and each piece of news about his personal ups and downs). So now that fans are just a day away from getting their hands on it, MTV News has rounded up everything you need to know before Believe Acoustic hits the streets.

Making New Friends?

There was chatter that the boy wonder had hooked up with some other musicians for this album, his first since Believe dropped last June. That release featured collaborations from artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj and Big Sean, so it's no surprise that tweets and photos from Bieber had fans buzzing that he might be working with guitar-loving acts like Nick Jonas and Ed Sheeran for this LP. But despite all of the online back and forth, judging from MTV News' sneak preview, neither the JoBro nor the U.K. singer/songwriter seems to have made the cut.

Slowing It Down

While Believe was chock full of EDM-influenced beats, Bieber has managed to reimagine many of those tracks as soulful acoustic jams that put Bieber's impressive voice on display instead of the synths and glitches. His voice is smooth on slowed-downed versions of "Beauty and a Beat" and "As Long As You Love Me." "Boyfriend" gets a remix as well, turning it into the R&B slow jam it probably should have been. Meanwhile, uptempo jams like "She Don't Like the Lights" and "All Around the World" also get the acoustic treatment, alongside Believe's "Fall," "Be Alright" and "Take You."

The Newbies

There are three new songs on the album: "Yellow Raincoat," "I Would" and "Nothing Like Us." "Raincoat" and "Nothing Like Us" are ballads that deal with heartbreak — both in romantic love and the kind that comes from living life in the public eye — while "I Would" is more upbeat and is sure to have girls swooning. On the track, Justin just wants to give a special lady everything she wants.

As for "Nothing Like Us," manager Scooter Braun seems to have been referring to the song when he hinted about a last-minute addition to the album: "Up early working hard to get this last minute very heartfelt song the kid just wrote onto the #BelieveAcoustic album. #11songs."

The Clique

Bieber teamed up with longtime musical director/ guitarist Dan Kanter to co-produce the nine reimagined tracks that make up most of Believe Acoustic. But for the three new songs, Bieber added a few friends to the mix, seeking out the help of Da Internz (Rihanna, Big Sean) on the mid-tempo "I Would." He also worked with Tom Strahle on "Yellow Raincoat," after previously working with him on "Turn to You (Mother's Day Dedication)" last year. But Bieber goes at it all alone (and pours his heart out) on the emotional, break-up track "Nothing Like Us." (Give it a listen and try not to tear up at all the heartbreak on there.)

Rumor Control

Bieber wants his fans to know that if they had any questions about his personal life, this album will have all the answers they've been waiting for, and he made that very clear in a recent tweet, writing, "Now #6DAYS until i answer all the questions - #BELIEVEacoustic."

After a photo leaked of Bieber smoking what appeared to be a joint, the singer also hinted that he would address a lot of the online reports on the album. "I got some things to say. #23Days #11Songs #BELIEVEacoustic#COUNTDOWN," he wrote. The tweets leading up to the January 29 release have all been messaging the same idea. "With everything going on I'm gonna tell u myself how I feel" and "some of the most honest music i have ever written. #9days#Countdown #BelieveAcoustic -- thanks" are just a few of his recent posts. Bottom line? According to Bieber, "My acoustic album will let u know how I feel about what is going on in my life instead of rumors guessing."

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