Fabolous' Chris Brown Collabo 'Ready' A 'Genuine Fab Record'

Rapper also discusses plans for the song's video, for which he has 'tropical islands' in mind.

Fabolous' sixth album, Loso's Way 2, will finally arrive by summer, continuing the story he began with Loso's Way in 2009. The Brooklyn rapper told MTV news that the first single, "Ready," featuring Chris Brown, delivers just the right combination of elements that fans should expect from his album's lead track.

The R&B-laced jam, produced by The Runners, finds Brown singing smoothly on a hook directed toward the ladies, and Fab is confident that it will be another addition to his well-documented catalog of hits.

"['Ready'] was the first single because it was a genuine great record, and I think that it's a genuine Fab record," he explained. "If you look at my history, of what I do, I think you can tie that into [songs like] 'Make Me Better,' 'Throw It in the Bag,' even 'Can't Let You Go,' and if you wanna go way back, 'Into You,' " Fab said.

"All of those were great all-around records and great radio records. Radio records that build and can be successful, they're usually a good way to roll out a project. When you're rolling out a project, you want a record that sells it."

Fab admits that upon first listen he knew Chris Brown would be a perfect match for the chorus. "I reached out to Chris about it because when I first heard the reference for the hook, I was like, this needs somebody who could sing but also has that smoothness to sell what's being said, and nobody else but Chris Breezy could've done that hook," he explained. "He blew it away and I appreciate him for doing that and even rocking with me on a joint like that."

Up next is the music video, of course, and exotic is the key word for the treatment. "We definitely are working on the video," Fab confirmed. "We wanna go away for the video, we wanna take it somewhere else because I feel like the scenery in the States has been getting old, so I wanna go somewhere else and bring a new feeling, a new look to the video. I got some things in mind. We've got some tropical islands in the options."