Exclusive 'This Is The End' Set Visit: Seth Rogen Welcomes The Apocalypse

Jonah Hill and friends hunker down at James Franco's pad during our 2013 preview.

Though it may be the subject of the upcoming comedy "This Is the End," the apocalypse is no laughing matter. You're going to need some trusted advice if you're going to make it through.

That's exactly why MTV News' Josh Horowitz traveled to the New Orleans set of the movie, where he spoke with the cast — Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride — about surviving through the end of times. And they gave us some invaluable tips for living through it all.

Recognize What the Biggest Challenges Are

With the hard road ahead of any apocalypse survivor, it's essential to understand the hardships one will face in the future. For Craig Robinson, that meant being able to play himself without holding on to who he really is. "I play Craig Robinson. I play myself, as do we all play ourselves," he said. "The challenge is doing things you wouldn't do but still under the guise of your name. Of course, we're all playing a version of ourselves."

Know Your Own Strengths

If you're going to make it in this world after it all ends, you must know where your greatest advantages lie, even if, like Danny McBride, you are those advantages. "I'm not going to lie. I think I'm the best equipped. I have been preparing for the end of the world since I was born," he said. "Who is the least equipped? Jonah. He can be a little sassy sometimes. I don't think sass is something that translates well into the end of days."

But Also Remember Your Weaknesses

Like sass, stupidity can hold you back. James Franco understands this and adjusted accordingly. "Because we're playing extreme versions of ourselves, we're also kind of playing very stupid versions of ourselves," Franco said. "So I don't know if I want to be with anybody here, including this version of myself. We have the survival instincts of 5-year-olds and the emotional maturity of, maybe, 12-year-olds."

You Have to Innovate to Survive

The rapidly changing landscape of the post-apocalyptic world requires that you adapt to survive, and similarly "This Is the End" evolved from the original short film starring Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen. "It's expanded in the sense that instead of it just being Seth and I in a crappy one-room apartment, it's Seth and James Franco and Craig Robinson and Jonah Hill and Danny McBride and I in James Franco's nice rich person's house," Baruchel said. "The whole thing has been classed up."

Be Sure to Bring Your Friends Along

Surviving the end of the world is a lot like directing your first movie. Seth Rogen, who's helming "This Is the End" with "Superbad" co-writer Evan Goldberg, learned that in both scenarios, it's good to bring friends along.

"I'm shocked that everyone is here. When we came up with the idea of having a movie where a bunch of the guys that we think are funny and do movies with are in it together, it was really important to us that they're in it together a lot," Rogen said. "I think a lot of movies with big casts do a thing where they break everyone up and distribute the people throughout the movie and maybe there's one scene that they're all in together. We really went out of our way to not do that. A lot of the movie is all six of us together in one room, which is just insane when we actually have all the guys together in one room. It's really hard to get them to pay attention, but once you do, they're very, very funny."

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