Ashton Kutcher In 'jOBS': First Clip Begins A Revolution

'Two and a Half Men' comedian becomes Apple founder in first clip from Open Road's Steve Jobs biopic.

A revolution is coming — and it's all thanks to the dude from "Punk'd."

More accurately, a revolution is about to be depicted on the big-screen, thanks to Ashton Kutcher's starring turn in "jOBS," the biopic about the early days of late Apple founder Steve Jobs, which was recently acquired at Sundance by Open Road. The first official clip from "jOBS" landed online on Thursday (January 24), featuring Kutcher as Jobs in a heated intellectual debate with his colleague Steve Wozniak, inventor of the first Apple computers.

"Book of Mormon" star Josh Gad plays Wozniak, but when we see him in this clip, his ambition doesn't come close to matching Jobs'. The two walk alongside each other in a parking garage as Jobs has just learned that Wozniak has built his very own operating system — hardly a revolutionary concept by modern-day standards, but a breathtaking revelation for Jobs at the time.

"It's the industrial revolution," Jobs tells Wozniak. "No more decks, no more mainframes? That changes everything. It's profound. How could you not tell me that before?"

"I was just working on it on my own," Wozniak humbly replies. "It was a hobby."

"Exactly," Jobs retorts. "It was for you. It's what you wanted. It's what your gut, your instinct, wanted. Your big, evolved brain wanted something that didn't exist, so you just willed it into existence."

When Wozniak describes his latest invention as "a real time display of current operations," Jobs gets even more enthusiastic, barely restraining his childlike wonder. "You can see what you're working on while you're working on it," he gushes. "This is freedom! Freedom to create, to do, to build, as artists and individuals!"

But Wozniak isn't buying it. "You're overreacting," he says. "Even if you were building this for freaks like us, and I doubt you are, no one wants to buy a computer. Nobody!"

And to that, Jobs delivers the money line: "How can somebody know what they want if they haven't even seen it?"

Directed by Joshua Michael Stern, "jOBS" hits theaters on April 19, 2013.

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