Macklemore Scrounges Up #1 Spot For 'Thrift Shop'

Mack and producer Ryan Lewis hit the top of the Billboard chart for their indie hit.

If you're in awe of Macklemore's accomplishments, don't worry, the Seattle, Washington, rapper at times surprises himself. This week Mack and production partner Ryan Lewis found their breakout single "Thrift Shop" at the top of the Billboard charts.

"Never thought I'd be able to say this but...... We have the #1 song in the country #seattle," Macklemore tweeted on Wednesday while linking to a article, which toasted to his success.

Macklemore and Lewis took everyone by surprise back in October when their independent LP The Heist landed at #2 on the Billboard 200 and now the album's fun-loving track "Thrift Shop" owns the #1 spot on the Hot 100. Just two weeks ago, the song earned the rapper his first platinum plaque.

Considering Macklemore and Ryan Lewis aren't attached to a major label, their accomplishments remain largely unprecedented. In November the duo stopped by "RapFix Live"and pondered the possibility of ditching the indie life — though they didn't seem completely sold on the idea. "We've talked to a lot of labels and we talked to some legends in the game in terms of labels," Macklemore said. "I had some great conversations, but right now, we're doing it ourselves and that's what makes the most sense for this project."

Mack says that for the duo's next album they may consider partnering up with a major, but they really rather stick to the formula which has made them successful. "We got it to this point doing it ourselves and we wanna keep that creative control, we wanna be able to move when we wanna move, we don't wanna get caught up in label politics," he said. "So as long as we're in control of our brand, maybe we can work with labels who can offer us some services. But in terms of signing a deal, not right now, no."

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