Exclusive 'Bullet To The Head' Set Visit: Sylvester Stallone Gets Old School

Christian Slater gets a beatdown from Stallone and Sung Kang in MTV's exclusive 'Bullet to the Head' set visit.

Anyone who has ever seen an action movie knows that you don't mess with Sylvester Stallone, ever. Christian Slater, it would seem, has never seen an action movie.

Stallone and Slater come to blows in "Bullet to the Head," director Walter Hill's upcoming action flick about hitman Jimmy Bobo (Stallone) and detective Taylor Kwon (actor Sung Kang), two opposing forces working towards the common goal of solving the linked murders of their respective colleagues. MTV News visited the New Orleans set of the movie just in time to watch Slater's character, the sleazy Marcus Baptiste, learn first-hand what happens when two opposite sides of the law come together for a mutual purpose.

"Today is an awesome day for me," Kang told MTV. "I grew up watching Christian Slater movies, and today we get to torture him!"

"Christian Slater [plays] a bad guy, and he knows the key to all the plots," Stallone described of the scene we witnessed. "He's being a real wise-ass, and unfortunately starts throwing out some racial slurs — and that's going to cost him dearly."

For his own part, Slater didn't seem to mind being used as a human punching bag. "My function in this project is to continue the story along and give [the main characters] some information," he said. "Of course, the character I play, a lawyer, isn't going to give this information easily."

Baptiste's zipped lips force Bobo and Kwon to resort to brutal tactics to get the intelligence they need. The interrogation ends in shocking fashion, but according to Stallone, the outcome is exactly what you would expect to see from his ruthless new action hero.

"We've created every kind of incredible action hero there is — there's nothing left to do," the "Rocky" and "Rambo" actor said of his "Bullet" antihero. "So we're trying to create flesh-and-blood heroes. They're flawed. They're the guys you grew up with."

Walter Hill's "Bullet to the Head" hits theaters on February 1, 2013.

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