Nas And Frank Ocean's 'White Jesus' Will Be 'Heard By The World'

'It's like a real-life song,' producer Hit-Boy tells MTV News of the lost Nas and Frank Ocean collabo.

At first glance, the artistic pairing of Nas and Frank Ocean seems like it would yield pretty endearing results. Nas, the thoughtful rap veteran, and Ocean, the pensive newcomer, have a depth in their lyrics that average artists just can't match.

It seems the pair were well on their way to feeding fans a unique brand of soul with "No Such Thing as White Jesus," a supposed-Life Is Good track that was scrapped from Nas' 2012 album but may resurface sometime soon. The track, which was produced by Hit-Boy, was thought to be lost after the producer misplaced the digital files.

"It got mixed up with some drives that Kanye's engineers had, and they finally they sent it back and I got the files now," Hit-Boy told MTV News on Wednesday on the video set for's "Scream & Shout" remix. "Nas' manager reached out, and he's excited. I don't know exactly what's gonna happen with it yet, but that song is gonna be heard by the world one day."

Nas never confirmed that "White Jesus" was the exact collaboration he and Ocean had in the works, even though Frank sang the song's lyrics to New York Times writer Jon Caramanica last July.

"Whatever you do, young king, don't wind up dead/ Young queen, cross your legs/ Put a crown on your head and remove the chains/ 'Cause even diamond chains are for slaves/ Don't set foot in no penitentiary and don't taste the poison/ Don't you bail on your families," Ocean sang for the journalist, who included it in his profile of the singer.

Nas is ready to "reconnect" with Frank Ocean on his next album.

"Me and Frank went in the studio a while ago and he just wrote the hook, just blindly, we just wanted to create," Hit said of "White Jesus." "He played it for Nas, and as soon as he played it he texted me and was like, 'Yo, Nas went crazy.' "

The "N---as in Paris" producer doesn't exactly know when the track will be released to the public, but God's Son says he's ready to revisit his and Frank's collaboration on his upcoming 2013 LP. "I would love to reconnect with Frank Ocean," Nas told us last week.

Hit couldn't give many more details but said that when "No Such Thing as White Jesus" does finally surface, it will be like nothing we've heard from the energetic beatmaker thus far. "It's different from what you're used to from me as for as far as the newer joints, as far as the energy joints," he said. "It's like a real-life song."

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