Lil Wayne Didn't Trip On Fabolous' 'So NY' Lyrics

'I took what he was saying and tried to put some pride back into New York,' Fab says of recording 'So NY.'

Lil Wayne offended quite a few people last summer when he declared that he flat out "don't like New York," but like a true New Yorker, Fabolous found inspiration in the uproar, turning Weezy's oops into a clever catchphrase for his Big Apple anthem "So NY." The Brooklyn rapper tells MTV News that Weezy's statement simply motivated him to show off more pride in his city, and they've since had a conversation about it — at Miami's Club LIV, obviously — and moved on.

"I felt [Wayne] spoke his opinion so if he doesn't like New York — it's not a bad thing," Fab said. "I do feel he spoke it because it was how he felt, and New York isn't at its strongest point musically or [anything]. [But] it's also hard to say that about any place. You can do an interview and say, 'I don't like Kentucky' and the people of Kentucky are gonna have little gripe about that. Of course, Kentucky is not New York City, but the people there are prideful of their state.

"I just think he did it and I didn't take it personally like it was directed at me," he continued, explaining his immediate reaction to Weezy's comment. "I took what he was saying and tried to empower some pride back into New York, like 'I'm "So NY" Weezy probably don't like me. And that's what it was about, just making a statement, taking what he said and motivating people with it."

At this point, Lil Wayne is generally known to be wholly consumed in his own world of skateboarding and ESPN, so when the two rappers ran into each other at Club LIV in Miami, they addressed the track briefly, and didn't let any hard feelings linger.

"I saw him at Club LIV, and was like I'ma go over there and holla at Wayne, just to check the temperature and make sure everything is okay," Fab explained. "Because you know people hear things and I don't know which way they took it, but he actually came over to me, and said 'what's up.'

"And he was like 'man, I wasn't tripping off of that, I didn't even take it in any kind of way when I heard it... I didn't even know about it.' I was like oh alright, that's cool. So that was the end of it there. There was no reason to dwell on it, and I even took a picture for my Instagram just to show the people that it was no big deal."

"What does Lil Wayne care about?" he added, laughing. "He doesn't care about sh--."

Fab dropped the visuals for "So NY," last week, which he says highlights the grittier, everyday reality of New York, versus the shiny tourist attractions.

Fabolous' sixth studio album Loso's Way 2 is due this spring.