Is Lindsay Lohan's 'The Canyons' Too 'Controversial' For SXSW?

After the festival reportedly passed on the film, producer Braxton Pope exclusively tells MTV News that 'audiences will decide whether it is successful or not.'

It seems Lindsay Lohan's career has hit yet another snag. The SXSW Film Festival has reportedly passed on premiering her film "The Canyons" after screening it due to "quality issues."

But, producer Braxton Pope stands by the film despite the criticism. " 'The Canyons' is a controversial, provocative piece of filmmaking," Pope told MTV News exclusively in response to The Hollywood Reporter report. "The content of the film is incompatible with provincial film sensibilities. When the film is released, audiences will decide whether it is successful or not."

A source close to the festival, which takes place this March in Austin, told THR that they passed on the film for a number of reasons, including the fact that "it's got an ugliness and a deadness to it."

"Regarding SXSW, as an alum of the festival, having produced two films that premiered there, I received an email from the head of the fest apologizing for their lack of professionalism in talking to the press," Pope told MTV News.

This not the film's first film festival rejection. Earlier this month, TMZ reported that the Sundance Film Festival passed on the project as well.

Along with Lohan, "The Canyons" stars adult film star James Deen. It was written by Bret Easton Ellis and directed by Paul Schrader. The film revolves around young people in Hollywood and the seedy underbelly of the glitzy city. Last year, Pope spoke to MTV News about hiring the troubled actress for a lead in the flick and seemed unconcerned by her tabloid dramas.

"What's kind of lost in a lot of the Lindsay discussions is the fact that Lindsay is a very talented actress," he said. "She's very charismatic and she has a lot of acting skills. So her lifestyle and some of the things that she's gone through have tended to kind of overwhelm the fact, but Lindsay has kind of real talent. So for this part, we felt that she was really the right actor for a host of different reasons."