Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie' Lyric Video: Watch A Sneak Peek!

Full video — which features JT himself — debuts Thursday at 6 a.m. on MTV, VH1, mtvU and MTV Hits.

When Justin Timberlake makes a musical comeback, he doesn't do it halfway. Less than two weeks after the singer-turned-actor shocked the world with the Jay-Z-assisted single "Suit & Tie," he's prepping a video return as well.

MTV, VH1, mtvU and MTV Hits will air the exclusive worldwide broadcast of the lyric video for "Suit" on Thursday at 6 a.m. ET. But before that, we're offering up a 30-second preview.

Directed by skateboarder-turned-director Laban Pheidias (Adam Lambert, Alicia Keys), the lyric video "takes fans on a ride with Justin through the streets of Los Angeles from the Hollywood Hills to Sunset Boulevard," according to a statement announcing the clip. "It's a day-in-the-life look at one of today's biggest superstars while he gets down to business at a photo shoot for his upcoming album, The 20/20 Experience."

Also, unlike many lyric vids, JT appears in this one.

In the teaser, we see Timberlake getting suited up for some kind of occasion, slipping into spit-polished loafers, adjusting his shirt cuffs, suit pants and vest and checking his tie in the mirror as the song's lyrics pop up in all-cap letters all over the screen. When he taps his toes together and brushes some dirt off his suit jacket, a bit of cartoon dust pops into the air, and some notes drift up off a piano as he tickles the ivories at the end of the preview.

Let them show you a few things: MTV Style breaks down JT's dapper duds.

"Tie" has already set some personal and professional records for JT. It blew past Timberlake's previous top digital sales week, moving 310,087 copies and beating the genre-busting "SexyBack," which moved 250,000 copies back in 2006.

According to his label, despite a sneak-attack release, the song also reached #1 on iTunes singles charts in 31 countries, including the U.S., England, Canada, Sweden, France and Brazil. Internationally, the song with the Jay-Z cameo made it into the top 10 on the iTunes singles charts in 54 countries.

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