'Workaholics' Give You A Tricked-Out Tour Of 'The 'Vo'

We check out the guys' custom ride, complete with 'state of the art' manual antenna, secret stash.

On last week's triumphant return of "Workaholics," we learned the finer points of "tip-sipping," the power of a good "dookie in your drawers" joke, and, of course, that no one saw "The Love Guru."

Of course, when MTV News hit the set of "''Holics" last year, the guys promised that there'd be big things on the horizon (most of which seemed to involve Anthony Anderson) ... though, we're pretty sure even AA would have been surprised by what he saw last week — especially all the booger eating. Which is why we can saw unequivocally that we have no idea what will happen on Wednesday (January 23) night's episode, a "creepy as fug" special called "A TelAmerican Horror Story."

Still, that doesn't mean we're not irrationally excited (not to mention a little scared) ... and so, in anticipation of tonight's new episode, we're rolling out another exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from our "Workaholics" set visit: A "Cribs"-style homage to the gang's tricked-out Volvo 750 GLE.

Our cameras followed star Anders Holm as he detailed the finer points of the vehicle affectionately known as "the 'Vo," including a "state of the art" manual antenna, "window hydraulics" and, of course, a backseat that comes complete with "rice and soy and dookie rags." Oh, and of course there's a compartment to hide the secret stash, too. So while you count down the hours until you get new "Workaholics" in your life, take some time out to ride shotgun with the guys ... just try not to get any dookie on your drawers.

"Workaholics" airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on Comedy Central