'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' Preview: Reliving In Sin

Director Robert Rodriguez leads MTV News through his return to Sin City, from Josh Brolin's entrance to shooting in 3-D.

Because of the seven-plus years we suffered through countless rumors, it's still difficult to believe that "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" is moving forward with a release date and an embarrassment of riches in its A-list cast.

Adding further fuel to our excitement is a recent chat we had with director Robert Rodriguez, as part of MTV News' preview of our most-anticipated films of 2013, who seemed as giddy as we are to get his Frank Miller-inspired gang of characters back together again.

Going Back to Sin City

As it turns out, the "Machete" director was just as antsy to adapt another chapter of Miller's "Sin City" for the big screen, but busy schedules kept getting in the way. "It's very refreshing that we're finally doing it," Rodriguez said when asked if he's happy he no longer has to answer questions about when he'll be making the sequel. "It was a process to get it there, but then when it happens, you realize it's perfect timing. We had a great cast, and it keeps getting better by the day. It's a fun movie people still have an appetite for. Whenever I go anywhere, that's what I always get asked: 'When are you going to do another "Sin City"?' and it's been years. It's amazing that it's still that popular with people."

Sin Looks Better in Three Dimensions

Yes, "A Dame to Kill For" will be in 3-D. But fear not, film purists: Rodriguez has experience with this format, plus they're using James Cameron's fancy cameras to get the job done. "The biggest difference, I haven't really spoken about this, is that we're shooting it in 3-D," he said. "So if you know that world, it's so stylized and abstract, but when you see it in three dimensions, even Frank [Miller], he's totally gotten into it. We're using Jim Cameron's new cameras, and they're just fantastic. It's really stunning to be in that stylized of a world and dimensions and feel like you're in Sin City. It's going to be a very immersive experience into a very bizarre world. I think this is one that people will say, 'You have to see this one in 3-D,' because it's really going to pop in a different way that couldn't be in a traditional film."

Josh Brolin Is Dwight McCarthy

Fans of the comic already know why it makes sense for Josh Brolin to take over the role of hero Dwight McCarthy from Clive Owen, a story line Rodriguez always intended on including in the sequel. "There was always a different actor to be played for Dwight; that's how it was in the book. He had a complete facial reconstruction," Rodriguez explained. "Clive even mentions that in 'Sin City,' that he had gotten his face changed and you don't know what he's talking about. Well, this explains what he's talking about." Rodriguez said Brolin is perfect in the role and expects fans to love his performance. "We're going to have a blast. He is so pumped, he's so excited," Rodriguez said. "He's so much fun. I worked with him before and haven't worked with him since. What a professional, what a great guy."

Frank Miller's Stamp of Approval

"It's an incredible world that Frank Miller created, with such a cast of characters throughout the books that intertwine," Rodriguez said of his co-director and "Sin City" creator Frank Miller. "And that's why I loved the books for 10 years before I made the movie. I loved how one character would show up in another character's story and how all the stories would intertwine, prequels, sequels, back and forward in time, and to get to do that in a movie and put these people together and to see Frank respond to something he sat in a room drawing years and years ago, to see the performer step in in costume and have come from his imagination and to see him just smile really big, that's the best gratification you can get, to watch him see it come to life."

When We'll See Some Teaser Footage

Of course, we can't be fully satisfied with the knowledge that filming is taking place: We need to see proof in the form of some teaser photos or footage. Unfortunately for us, we might have to wait on that for a few months because Rodriguez hasn't yet figured out the perfect timing to release a teaser trailer. We politely suggested that he think about unveiling a sneak peek for San Diego Comic-Con or the South by Southwest film festival. "It might be around that time," he said, mulling a Comic-Con tease in July. "We come out in October, so that could be about right. That's when we did the first one. [Maybe] SXSW [in March]. If we can put something together soon enough, that would be cool."

"Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" hits theaters October 2, 2013.

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