Mindless Behavior Start A 'Teen Revolution' In 'On The Low' Video

'We want to show off the dancing aspect and what we can do,' Prodigy tells MTV News on the 'Keep Her on the Low' video set.

When Mindless Behavior aren't busy wowing the crowd with a slick, dance-heavy and squeal-inducing performance at the Kids' Inaugural Concert, the teen quartet are putting the finishing touches on their sophomore album All Around the World.

And part of the pre-promotion for the album (which drops March 12) involves a music video for the record's sassy and swaggy first single, "Keep Her on the Low."

MTV News visited the guys — Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton — on the set of the video to learn a little bit about what the song is really about (hint: Despite some deceptive lyrics, it's apparently not about trying to date more than one girl) and the motivation behind their concept for the clip.

"Our single 'Keep Her on the Low,' I think a lot of boys can relate to it, because I think every boy has had that experience where you find that one girl that everybody wants but you get the chance to have her, so you have to keep her on the low from everybody else," Princeton explained. "That's pretty much what the song is about."

Not surprisingly, a lot of the video will showcase their signature style and fancy dance moves.

"We're agents in the video," Princeton explained of the group's dapper wardrobe. "It's a teen revolution movement, and in this video, we want to show off the dancing aspect and what we can do."

"It's just going to be a good video," Prodigy added.

Check back with MTV News for full details about the video closer to its debut. All Around the World will be released Tuesday, March 12, followed by the documentary "Mindless Behavior: All Around the World" on March 15.

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