The Wanted Pay Homage To Beatles In Fan-Version 'I Found You' Video

'This song is a little bit different for us, it's a little bit retro,' Jay McGuiness tells MTV News on video set.

Several months after releasing their official video for the single "I Found You," the guys from The Wanted decided that one version just wasn't enough. On Monday the fivesome released a second video for the song, but this time it was just for the fans.

The British boy band has released a fan-version video for their first single off their upcoming album Third Strike, and unlike the original gangster-inspired clip, which featured the guys showing off their dark side, this time they turn the attention to all of the adoring fans of TWFanmily.

MTV News was on the set of "I Found You" last year, and The Wanted explained that this song was unlike anything they have done before.

"This song is a little bit different for us, it's a little bit retro, but it obviously still has The Wanted party feel," Jay McGuiness said. "So we're doing a bit of a throwback look at the old-school Americana style, which is cool because it means we've had a lot of our fans here and they were all apparently told to 'dress hot.' "

"They didn't let us down," Max George added.

Paying homage to The Beatles' first performance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in the 1960s, Nathan, Siva, Tom, Max and Jay perform in front of a crowd of screaming girls as the clip transitions from black-and-white to color. The fans eventually cannot contain their excitement and rush the stage, causing the guys to make a quick exit, with their fans in hot pursuit.

"The chorus is a little bit like Cee-Lo Green-esque, a bit Bee Gees as well," Tom Parker said. "There's a falsetto in the chorus, but in the verse it still has that swagger that The Wanted usually have."

Their videos aren't the only thing they are doubling up on in the new year. It's quite possible The Wanted may even release two albums in 2013.

"We are looking to do a huge world tour," Parker told MTV News in December. "Go back to different countries we've visited this year. We are going to do South America, do a tour in the U.S., our arena tour in the U.K. and then we've got our album coming out as well. In fact, we might do two albums. We are talking about next year, so we are going to have a busy year, if not busier than this year."