The Saturdays Prep 'Really Good Pop Track' 'What About Us' For U.S. Release

'Chasing the Saturdays' stars open up about their U.S. crossover plans with Sean Paul.

America is getting to know U.K. girl group the Saturdays one reality show drama at a time. As the stars of "Chasing the Saturdays" on E!, the fierce fivesome are hoping to follow in the very successful footsteps of One Direction and Adele by conquering the U.S. music market. And they are banking some of that success of their Sean Paul-assisted single, "What About Us."

Fans were on set with the ladies as they filmed their music video during the show's second episode Monday night, and group member Mollie King recently explained to MTV News why she feels it's the perfect track with which to set up shop in America.

"It's just a really good pop track for us," King explained about the single, which is featured on their U.S. EP out on January 29. "We're actually featuring Sean Paul on it as well, which we were so excited about. We've always been huge fans of his, and you know, this song, we've had a lot of singles back home, so we're just so excited now for America to finally hear our music and get to know us as a band as well."

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Getting to know the girls also means getting an inside look at their lives, which not only includes the glitz of pop stardom but also the heartache of having to spend so much time away from their loved ones. And all of that drama found its way into Monday night's episode.

"I think it's always a bit scary, first of all, and that's something we were really worried about," Vanessa White explained about some of her own relationship drama. "But we decided if we are going to do a reality show, we wanted it to be as real as it can be, and we're gonna have to let the cameras into our lives. Everyone has their moments and you have to roll with it."

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For anyone wondering if the drama is just for the cameras, Una Healy insists that what you see is what you get with these five women. "We're completely ourselves. It's a reality show, but we are like real, so normal behind it all. We are in a pop group, and you get to see us in the studio and doing music videos and all the work that's involved with that. But you also ... we chill out and Skype the boyfriends and husbands and miss our friends and do girly things like go out. It's a good insight for young people to see what it's like to be in a pop group."