Justin Bieber Declared King Of Twitter By Fans

Beliebers rejoice after Bieber surpasses Lady Gaga for most followers on Twitter.

It finally happened. Lady Gaga was bested by Justin Bieber for having the most followers on Twitter. As of press time, Bieber had upwards of 33,335,075 million folks following his every tweet on the social networking site.

And for anyone hoping for some kind of fan battle to erupt between Little Monsters and Beliebers following his impressive feat, better think again. Even Gaga's most die-hard fans have only love for the 18-year-old, declaring him the new ruler over the online space.

"Other Monsters Congratulate Justin; Lady Gaga has been the Twitter Queen since 2010," ‏@ladygagaIoo wrote. "But Congrats Justin Bieber. RT!!"

"@justinbieber you and @ladygaga ARE THE BEST IN THE TWITTER," @mlcc13 wrote. "[THE] KING AND THE QUEEN OK! Beliebers and Monsters. Love and Peace."

There are many more other music fans floating around the Internet that also support both singers. @SelBiebsForever wrote, "OMG. @justinbieber is now the king of twitter, with the most followers on twitter. I love him and I also love @ladygaga. #proudbeliever."

‏Following in the sentiment of "can't we all just be friends," @chelzytah wrote, "Wut? @JustinBieber passes @LadyGaga as most followed person on Twitter? well I don't care i like both of them."

Of course, not everyone was as even-keeled when it came to their response. "@justinbieber Justin Is The King when I see that he overtook @ladygaga on Twitter," ‏@_Beliebers tweeted. "I started to cry and scream all over my school #Swag."

"OMG @justinbieber OFFICIALLY HAS THE MOST FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER!!!!!!!" ‏@dinaismailxo added. "@ladygaga he beat you lol #teambieber."

@BiebsAct wrote, "Justin just passed Lady Gaga. how much I proud of you, baby @justinbieber."

Some Little Monsters just wanted peace among both camps in light of the accomplishment. @enric_torres wrote, "@ladygaga is still the QUEEN and @justinbieber is the KING. So respect us Beliebers."

It's to be noted that as of midday Tuesday (January 22), Gaga wasn't too far behind Bieber in followers. Her current standing? 33,330,349. Your move, Monsters. And it seems they are already plotting the way they will dethrone Bieber. "Justin bieber passed lady gaga on followers:-) w8 till the new album bby biebs," @chesteriskrikk said. "POPART!"

Neither artist has commented about the shift in power. For those keeping count, Twitter celeb Katy Perry sits at #3 on the most-followers list, followed by Rihanna at #4 and newly inaugurated President Obama at #5.

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