'Star Trek Into Darkness' Preview: Prepare To Cry

'The goal of the movie is to make you cry,' director J.J. Abrams tells MTV News about what to expect from the 'Star Trek' sequel.

In space, no one can hear you scream. But in theaters showing movies set in space, everyone should be able to hear you cry — as long as director J.J. Abrams does his job right.

Abrams — along with lead actors Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch — joined with MTV News recently to preview "Star Trek Into Darkness," the upcoming sequel to the 2009 sci-fi hit. Much has changed for the crew of the Enterprise since Abrams' initial "Star Trek" film, but no amount of teambuilding can prepare them — or us — for the carnage that lies ahead, all thanks to a nefarious terrorist who may or may not really be known as John Harrison.

Read on for more of what to expect when you trek "Into Darkness" later this year!

Destiny will be earned. If the first "Star Trek" was about James Kirk becoming the captain of the Enterprise, then "Into Darkness" is about what Kirk has to do to keep his title. "In many ways, this film is about a guy who is being tested to earn [his ship]," said Abrams of Kirk's rendezvous with fate. Indeed, "the whole group" will come under fire, according to the filmmaker — and it's all thanks to a certain Sherlockian villain.

Villains will be born. "Sherlock" actor Benedict Cumberbatch is the man bringing the villainous John Harrison to life. Questions still surround the true identity of Cumberbatch's character — many insist that he's actually playing a favorite "Trek" villain like Khan or Gary Mitchell — but one thing is certain: Cumberbatch is going to tear the Enterprise crew apart. "He is a terrorist," the actor warned of his character. "He tears into the fabric of the world and the Enterprise family. It leaves a trail of devastation."

Innocents will die. Unlike many other blockbuster bad guys, Harrison will succeed in his mission to spread fear, at least partially. Whether or not death reaches the doorstep of the main Enterprise crew remains unclear, but Quinto insists that "there's reason to worry" about fans' favorite characters. "There is an insidiousness and ruthlessness and fierce intelligence to [Harrison] that almost undermines the interconnectivity of the crew," he teased. "The stakes are much higher."

Heroes will be born. Kirk and Spock in particular will once again share the spotlight in the "Star Trek" sequel as they're forced to come together against Harrison, despite their obvious differences. "The definition of who these two people are definitely comes to bear in this film. It's central to what happens in the story," said Pine. "Spock is a logical man of cold reason who is run by laws, regulations and prescriptions. Kirk is a guttural, by-the-heart, instinctive and impulsive guy. Those two ways of looking at the world are central to these characters and their journey."

Tears will be shed. If Abrams does his job right, you won't leave "Into Darkness" with dry eyes. "The goal of this movie is to make you cry. If the movie does its job, then by the end of the movie, you will have had a reaction involving the eyes," the filmmaker promised with a laugh. "If the movie works, then there's definitely an emotional component."

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