One Direction Tourmate Camryn Knows She Has To Win Fans Over

'Oh man, I'm a girl on their favorite boy band's tour; they hate me,' she says of touring with 1D.

Camryn is doing something most 13-year-old girls dream about: She's about to tour again with the world's preeminent boy band, One Direction.

And, she knows there's only one thing on every Directioner's mind when she steps up onstage to warm up the crowd.

"One Direction fans, usually when I walk out on stage I kind of go into thinking, 'Oh man, I'm a girl on their favorite boy band's tour; they hate me.' So I try to do my best to win them over," the up-and-coming teen singer told MTV News. And, she knows what she's talking about. She had the pleasure of opening up for the fivesome last summer on their Up All Night Tour (where she even premiered the track "Now or Never") and is prepping to hit the road with them again.

She will open for the fellas on their upcoming world tour, which kicks off next month in London. She'll be with the guys as they take their Take Me Home trek all across Europe, ahead of landing Stateside next summer.

But just who is Camryn? She grew up in Denver, Colorado, and is the granddaughter of Mo Siegel, the man behind Celestial Seasonings, the tea brand that brings you such flavors as Sleepytime and Cranberry Apple Zinger. (We don't suggest the former if you do actually plan to stay up all night on the 1D tour.)

So, having already spent some quality time with the group, does she have any deep, dark secrets to share with us about them? "The guys are really fun. They're all really nice and they're all so polite and it's really great to see how down-to-earth they are," she said.

While on the road, the guys will also be filming their 3-D movie, being helmed by Morgan Spurlock. And, as they previously shared with MTV News, they are hoping that Zayn Malik remembers to pack some of his own clothes. Camryn, beware!

"All the time [I steal stuff]," Malik shared of his tendencies to steal their wardrobe, since he "can't be bothered" with a large suitcase. "I'm the biggest culprit for that. I steal everyone's stuff."