James Franco Apologizes For Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend' Spoof

'I wasn't trying to diss him,' Franco says of video he posted earlier this month.

James Franco is normally not one to apologize for art, no matter how out there it is. But over the weekend the actor extended an olive branch to Justin Bieber a few weeks after the "Spring Breakers"
 star posted what many believed to be a mocking video spoof of JB's "Boyfriend" video.

"I was asked to take it down by some people," Franco told E! News on Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival
 where he's promoting a trio of films, "Interior. Leather Bar," "Kink" and "Lovelace."

In the lo-fi video spoof uploaded to his WhoSay page (and subsequently taken down), Franco skulked around in a dimly lit apartment while wearing a hoodie, tilted baseball cap and cheesy Bieber bangs wig. He recruited his "Breakers" co-star Ashley Benson to appear in the clip, in which the two got a little freaky.

"Bieber didn't contact me," Franco said. "But I don't think he was too happy ... I wasn't trying to diss him." An unnamed source said Bieber has never even seen the Franco video.

Franco has been working hard to promote the Harmony Korine-directed "Breakers," including posting another fake music video of him kind-of singing Selena Gomez's "Love You Like a Love Song." The clip, filed between takes on the set of the movie, showed Franco in his "Breakers" cornrows riding in the passenger seat of a car when Gomez's song comes on the radio and crooning along in falsetto while staring into a video camera over his shoulder.

Unlike ex Bieber, Gomez said she was flattered by the spoof, telling E!, "I loved it! It was so good. What people don't know is that he was very much in character when he was doing it. I thought it was hysterical."