Justin Bieber Laps Lady Gaga For Twitter Crown

Bieber bests Gaga on Monday night by passing her 33.3 million mark.

His handlers have already dubbed him the Prince of Pop, and now Justin Bieber can lay claim to the title of Twitter King.

On Monday night, Bieber officially passed Lady Gaga in total followers on the social media site, with his total standing at 33,326,187 as of press time on Tuesday morning (January 22) to Mother Monster's 33,323,802. Both are firmly ahead of the #3 Twitter celeb, Katy Perry, who currently has 31,484,156, as well as #4 Rihanna (27,946,832) and newly inaugurated
 President Obama (26,168,542).

Bieber gained the advantage by adding an average of 40,055 new users a day to Gaga's 30,495 Little Monsters, according to twittercounter.com. Gaga has held the Twitter lead since August of 2010, when she blew past Britney Spears and has long held a lead on Bieber, who joined the service one year after her March 2008 sign-up.

Gaga gave props to Bieber and his followers last Tuesday (January 15), when she tweeted,"So proud of @justinbieber and all the Beliebers! I'm only happy to see your fans growing in size, you all deserve it! Monsters support you."

Bieber is releasing his Believe Acoustic
 album on January 29. The album will feature acoustic versions of "Boyfriend," "As Long as You Love Me," "Beauty and a Beat," "She Don't Like the Light," "Take You," "Be Alright," "All Around the World" and "Fall," as well as the new songs "I Would," "Yellow Raincoat" and "Nothing Like Us."