Rockie Fresh Grabs The Maybach Music Wheel On Electric Highway

'This is my point of progression, my different road that I'm taking,' Rockie Fresh tells Mixtape Daily.

Main Pick

Headliner: Rockie Fresh

Representing: Chicago, Illinois

Mixtape: Electric Highway

Real Spit: Now that the ink on his Maybach Music deal is completely dry, Rockie Fresh is ready to roll. On Monday the Chicago rookie rapper will drop his first mixtape under the MMG banner, and rather than rely strictly on his all-star crew, Rock manages to represent while still taking his own path on Electric Highway.

"Electric highways are something that the government implemented for smart-car [owners] to be able to charge their cars on the side of the road without having to hit gas stations," Rockie told Mixtape Daily about the real-life application of his tape's title.

Fresh doesn't own a smart car, however, so the term doesn't really apply to him. But he reformatted the idea for his own needs in the form of a 17-track sonic trip.

Ross and Nipsey Hussle ride shotgun on the Boi-1Da-produced "Life Long" and Curren$y jumps on "Roll Up Right Now," but for the most part, Rockie handles the wheel on the DJ Ill Will-helmed tape. The Gift adds the majority of EH's production, but Pittsburgh board bangers Big Jerm and Sayez get credit on "Hold Me Down." For Rockie, it's an appropriate follow-up to last year's Driving 88 and an exciting starting point in what could be a long MMG-assisted career.

"I just like the way the title kinda stuck out," Fresh said. "With that I created my own meaning to it, which is basically, this is my point of progression, my different road that I'm taking, and I call it the Electric Highway."

Joints to Check For

» "The Future " - "It's the intro on the mixtape and it just really sets the tone for the vibe that Electric Highway is, so I really wanted to give people that first so they can really understand what's goin' on, and then after that it's time to ride out."

» "Superman OG" - " 'Superman OG' is actually one of the singles that I released. It's just a record with me rappin' over the beat, no hook. Just goin' straight in."

» "Life Long" feat. Rick Ross and Nipsey Hussle - "I hear a lot of songs where it's promoting people to die young and all of that. In the city where I'm from, that happens a lot and a lot of kids don't get to see their dreams, don't get to experience a lot of things that they should in a lifetime. So for me, I really wanted to make a song that motivated people to want to live long and try to be in the game for a minute and achieve some things."

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