Exclusive 'Sin City' Details: Bruce Willis Will Return

Director Robert Rodriguez confirms to MTV News: 'Bruce is back, you'll be seeing him.'

As droves of new faces flock towards desolate Basin City, there are still some tired old veterans floating around the deadly town — like Detective Hartigan.

At the Sundance Film Festival, "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" co-director Robert Rodriguez confirmed to MTV News that Bruce Willis is reprising his role as the ill-fated cop Hartigan in the upcoming sequel.

"Bruce is back, you'll be seeing him," was all he would confirm at the festival, where he was honoring the 20 year anniversary of "El Mariachi."

Willis' return wasn't the only "Sin City" topic we asked him about, and the filmmaker was eager to let us know that the sequel is very much on track. Here's a taste of what he told us:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in for a world of hurt. Rodriguez revealed that the "Dark Knight Rises" actor plays "a very cocky gambler who comes in and tries to beat the biggest villain in Sin City at his own game" in a story called "The Long, Bad Night." As the title implies, things go very badly very quickly for JGL's character. "You have to start with someone very likable so that you're like, 'No! Not him, not him,'" Rodriguez teased of what's to come.

A lot has been shot. Jaime King recently told MTV that her work was already finished on the "Sin City" sequel. The same can be said for Juno Temple, Jeremy Piven and Ray Liotta, who were just cast in the film this week but have already completed shooting. As for who they'll play: "There are some characters from the book [in the mix]," the director said. "Fans will be surprised."

A lot hasn't been shot. "The only story we've shot out [completely] is one of the intro [stories]. That's completely done," said Rodriguez. But the main three stories that will make up "A Dame to Kill For" are being shot in "bits and pieces, as actors become available." In other words, there's much more work to go.

The "Dame" is still not cast. Angelina Jolie has long been rumored for the pivotal role of Ava Lord, but that casting has yet to pan out — because Rodriguez, Frank Miller and the rest of the "Sin City" team have yet to settle on a star. "We have some choices in mind, but we haven't finalized the casting," said Rodriguez. "She doesn't shoot for a couple of weeks."

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