Daniel Radcliffe, Pussy Riot And More: Sundance Reviews Are In!

According to Film.com, Radcliffe stuns in 'Kill Your Darlings,' while a Pussy Riot doc feels like a '60 Minutes' episode.

PARK CITY, Utah — "It was new, is the way I'm describing it."

That's how Daniel Radcliffe reviewed his performance in the Sundance Film Festival drama "Kill Your Darlings." during a conversation with MTV News. But perhaps you'd like to know just a little bit more about the movie.

That's why we've turned to our friends over at Film.com, who have been bravely trekking all over Park City to check out the buzziest films at the Sundance Film Festival, from Radcliffe's flick to the Stephenie Meyer-produced lit adaptation, "Austenland" and beyond. Read on for quick hits on some of the biggest films to debut at Sundance so far.

"Kill Your Darlings"

What You Need to Know: "John Krokidas' marvelous and assured first feature, 'Kill Your Darlings' is an unconventional love story to say the least. While one could categorize it as just more Beat Generation hagiography, it transcends the usual biopic limitations to tell a specific story about some well-known people with larger, universal implications."

Should You See It? "I really can't say enough good things about Radcliffe and [Dane] DeHaan. There is a chemistry between the two of them that is more than just sexual. DeHaan's Bowie-esque stare would have set the Warhol factory ablaze, and Radcliffe's developed a strong sense of confidence." — Jordan Hoffman

"Pussy Riot: A Punk's Prayer"

What You Need to Know: " 'Pussy Riot: A Punk's Prayer,' is about an interesting topic, but the film itself is not quite up to snuff. The film, directed by Mike Lerner and Maxim Pozdorovkin, is a mix of Frederick Wiseman-style verite and typical talking heads, but it doesn't offer more than what you'd have learned clicking all those Pussy Riot news articles that hit your Twitter feed last year."

Should You See It? "[The film] is at its best, however, when it shows an activist's determination. The real moments with these extraordinary women basically make up for the remainder of the very '60 Minutes' vibe of the film." — Jordan Hoffman


What You Need to Know: "Jane (Keri Russell) has been obsessed with Jane Austen all her life, watching the A&E version of 'Pride and Prejudice' endlessly, decorating her room in all the paraphernalia she can lay hands on, even owning a cardboard cutout of Mr. Darcy. She decides to take a leap of faith and visit Austenland, a fully immersive Jane Austen experience wherein one can live out their very own regency romance."

Should You See It? "While the film is fun to watch at times, first-time director Jerusha Hess has brought too much of the outlandish sensibilities of her earlier screenplays (such as 'Napoleon Dynamite' and 'Gentleman Broncos') to bear in what should have been a tight, well-scripted romantic comedy." — Amanda Mae Meyncke

"A Teacher"

What You Need to Know: "By day, Diana (Lindsay Burdge) is a well-liked teacher of AP English Lit, but at night, she's carrying on with one of her students, Eric (Will Brittain). Writer/director Hannah Fidell tries to take this simple situation and wring real drama out of it over the course of 'A Teacher,' but more often than not, we're simply left waiting for the other shoe to drop."

Should You See It? "It's a character study composed of small strokes, allergic to the melodramatic tendencies of the comparable 'Notes on a Scandal'. That film didn't shy away from well-established motives and desires, though, and if it weren't for the grip of its leading lady, 'A Teacher' might have ultimately proven too inscrutable to make the grade." — William Goss

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