Selena Gomez's New Confessional Album A 'Big Turn'

'It will be interesting to kind of have my fans know everything I went through, through music,' Gomez told MTV News.

NEW YORK — After taking more than a year off to focus on her budding movie career, Selena Gomez is ready to get back on to the music scene, and this time she's holding nothing back.

Gomez kicked off her return Saturday when she hosted an exclusive one-night-only concert benefiting the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. Hitting the stage for the first time in over a year Gomez told MTV News that she was "so nervous" to be performing the all acoustic set.

While the "Spring Breakers" star didn't sing any new music at the event, she did admit that she is eager for fans to hear a very new, more revealing side of her on her upcoming album, her first since 2011's When the Sun Goes Down.

"I think for me it was actually interesting to see that towards the middle of me recording my record, a big turn happened to me and it was incredible to see how I applied that to music because I've never done that before and it's great, Gomez told MTV News. "I think the older I'm getting the more I'm just kind of like I'm cool to share my side of the stories as much as I can, so I'm having a lot of fun."

And while Gomez didn't reveal whether those stories involve her on-again, off-again longtime boyfriend, Justin Bieber, she did admit that the "big turn" she was referring to had to do with a shift in both her personal and professional life.

"Through 'Spring Breakers' and experiencing so much last year it will be interesting to kind of have my fans know everything I went through, through music," Gomez said.

And lucky for all the Selenators, because it looks like they won't have to wait too much longer to hear Gomez's tell-all new music.

"March hopefully," Gomez said of when the first single would be released. "Yes. I'm gonna say that because that's what I'm gonna make sure happens."

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