Jennifer Lawrence Makes Herself The Target On 'SNL'

The Lumineers also continued their momentum with performances of their latest singles, including current hit 'Ho Hey.'

If there's one thing viewers learned from the latest episode of "Saturday Night Live," it's that Jennifer Lawrence sure doesn't mind poking fun at herself. As the host for the evening, the "Silver Linings Playbook" actress took multiple opportunities to make light of recent news headlines as well as "The Hunger Games" franchise.

Fresh off her Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical win at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Lawrence started strong with her opening monologue, which made fun of what some thought was a dis toward Meryl Streep during her ceremony acceptance speech. "I would never trash talk any of my fellow nominees at the Golden Globes, but the Oscars are another story," she said with sass, before throwing jabs (and closing praise) at her fellow Oscar nominees, even including 9-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis. "You think you can beat me? Whatchu talkin' bout, Wallis? Also, the alphabet called. They want their letters back," she told the audience. Much like the real Tommy Lee Jones during last Sunday's award show, an impersonator in the crowd kept a poker face, at least for most of her jokes.

When Lawrence wasn't playing a wannabe New York lesbian bandmate or a contestant on a canine version Top Chef, she kept the self-targeted jokes coming, particularly during a skit where she reprised her "Hunger Games" role as Katniss Everdeen for a news conference only a short 10 minutes following Everdeen's win in the film.

Sitting alongside a lookalike Games' character, the District 12 warriors were bombarded with a series of silly questions like "What the hell kind of name is Katniss Everdeen?" and "Have you been using performance enhancement drugs?" But one of the best questions came from a reporter (naive to the annual tournament's concept), who asked: "Did you have a chance to speak with any of the other competitors after the game?" Exchanging confused looks with her male tribute, Everdeen replied, "They're all dead...That's how the 'Hunger Games' work."

Lawrence hit another high note during her cameo in "SNL"'s trailer film parody of "The Hobbit" and its never-ending sequels. In "Hobbit 10: The Elf Queen Tries To Pick An Outfit," Lawrence appears as the elf queen with long blonde hair and contemplates which white dress she should wear. "We are going to be so late," says one hobbit, to which she barks back, "No we aren't!"

As the Luminers teased with MTV News in rehearsals, the 2013 Grammy-nominated band continued their PR momentum with a performance of smash "Ho Hey." While it wasn't the confetti-filled party like in the song's video, the fivesome appeared to have just as much fun during the number. Before a red-lit set, the group chanted the feel-good tune as a few of the bandmates hopped and pranced beside each other. Returning to the Studio 8H stage just a few skits later, the folk-rock group performed their second single "Stubborn Love." As the sounds of guitars, drums and the cello filled the stage, the band wailed the movie soundtrack-ready tune and was met with roar of applause.

"SNL" went old-school, and we mean 1860s old-school as Lawrence ended her hosting duties with a skit about two lovers exchanging letters during the Civil War era. Despite the amount of eloquence and tender love that dripped from her character's writing, her fiancé's vapid responses included a photo of his genitals.

"Gregory, we are through," she says in a final letter. "Harold Thompson has returned honorably from battle. I have accepted his proposal of marriage and burned the photograph you sent of your genitals with the inscription: now you."

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