Fun. Talk 'Emotional' Inauguration Performance, Hope For A Presidential De-Pantsing

'He could de-pants Andrew [Dost]' Fun. frontman jokes about performing for President Obama.

At this point, after a year that included six Grammy nominations, three hit singles and one breakout album, you get the feeling it would take an awful lot to make Fun. flip out about anything.

And yet, when MTV News caught up with frontman Nate Ruess at the Sundance Film Festival (where he was promoting Brita's FilterForGood effort), he was still trying to wrap his head around the band's next scheduled gig: playing the Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

"You bring a lot of emotion [to the performance]," Ruess said. "I was writing a set list for it, and three of the songs could be closely related to how we feel about Obama and the change he's been involved in making. For me, it's super, super emotional."

And while, at press time, just which Inaugural event Fun. would be performing at had yet to be announced — these things tend to be rather hush-hush — you get the feeling any would do; after all, Ruess and Co. are thrilled just to be invited.

"At Christmas I was sitting on the couch with my mom, and there's tragic stuff happening," Ruess said, "and we flipped [the TV] over and they were talking about the 10 best people of the year or something like that, and Obama came in at number one. And considering all the events recently, I just broke down and was like, 'He's so cool.' My mom was like, 'Yeah.' "

So what, exactly, will Ruess say to the Commander in Chief? He's not sure, though he knows what he'd like President Obama to say — and do — to one of his bandmates.

"We think he's going to heckle Andrew [Dost]. That's kind of what we're hoping for. He doesn't have to say anything to us, as long as he heckles Andrew," Ruess said. "Maybe de-pants him or something. I guess Obama could get cooler. He could de-pants Andrew."

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