Kim Kardashian Does Some 'Crazy Detective Work' In 'Kourtney & Kim'

Kim and Kourtney talk to MTV News the new show, which kicked off Sunday night.

The latest Kardashian adventure is officially underway. "Kourtney & Kim Take Miami" premiered Sunday night, and by the looks of it, we're in for a season action-packed with babies, cat fights and a tipsy Kim.

Leaving New York behind, along with Kris Humphries, the girls head to Miami hoping to revive their Dash clothing store. All the while, Kim's dealing with her pending divorce and Kourtney's trying to balance her two children and longtime boyfriend Scott Disick.

There will certainly be some surprises along the way, with the news of Kim's pregnancy with boyfriend Kanye West and an all-out sister fight which proves to get physical. And now, nearly six years after they first entered reality television, the girls still say viewers will see a whole different side of them.

"I think every season just as we grow up different things go on," Kim told MTV News. "And we learn different things about ourselves all the time."

For Kourtney, one thing she learned is a fear she never knew she had.

"I'm really claustrophobic in general, which started in the last year or so," Kourtney said. "So you see we are living in a hotel when we first get there, then I just can't take it anymore and then I get all these crazy thoughts like, 'What if you're on the top floor and somebody is lighting a candle in a room and there's a fire and how on earth would you ever get out of the hotel?' And now it makes it hard when I'm staying at other hotels, like being on a high floor. You can't really live your life like that, so I try not to go there, but I do when I'm in Miami."

So what did Kim learn this season? "I didn't know I was so nosy, and so I would butt into everyone's business this season so I learned to chill a little bit," Kim said. "But that I definitely did a little too much this season and I think people will be fascinated by my crazy detective work that I do this season, a little bit more than the average person. I'm kind of obsessed with crime scenes and investigating and you'll see a lot of that."

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