The Saturdays Take The Kardashian Challenge!

Ahead of 'Chasing The Saturdays' premiere, the girls sit down and dish all about the series and play a Kardashian quiz with MTV News.

U.K. girl group the Saturdays want you to have a case of the, well, Saturdays when their reality show premieres this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET. (You might want to jot that all down.)

The hitmakers are prepping for their U.S. crossover and are taking fans, new and old, along for the ride on their brand-new series, "Chasing The Saturdays." And, the show starts off with a bang — as the women move to L.A. together, settle into their new West Coast digs and even amp up for their first major U.S. red carpet appearance at the VMAs last September, which they describe a "huge" get.

The Saturdays are psyched for the Destiny's Child reunion!

"For us to come over here, when we got told we were being invited to the VMAs, we actually thought it was a bit of a prank," Mollie King told MTV News. "We're like 'As if they are going to let us on the red carpet.' And we've always been such huge fans of the VMAs. We've grown up, all of us, watching it each year, so just to be there was such an honor. And we've seen such huge stars performing there like Pink and obviously our friends from home One Direction, so it was an amazing night."

But, the premiere episode is about more than just attending the glitzy event. It also gives fans intimate look at their lives. "The first episode has so much going on it in it," King added. "Basically it has us coming from London, where we're quite well established, over here where nobody knows us. So it's a massive move for us and you know we feel like complete tourists over here and we go through finding our apartment, seeing where we're going to live for the next few months and obviously going to the VMAs. There's a real mixture of everything in there."

The Saturdays team up with Sean Paul in NYC!

As it turns out, they happen to share the primetime slot with the Kardashians, who will launch a new season of "Kourtney & Kim Take Miami" that same night. So, in honor of the girls' night on E!, we decided to quiz the ladies of the Saturdays and see how much they know about the Kardashians. Turns out, they are truly fans of their network mates, acing the quiz, knowing all about the family, and yes, even their dating lives. We smell a krossover episode in the works already!

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