Kardashian Quiz Reveals Kim's Love For One Direction: Watch!

MTV News tests Kim and Kourtney with a lightning round of personal and pop culture questions.

Though we think we've seen everything about the Kardashians — weddings, births, breakups how much can we really say we know about the Kardashian sisters?

With the new season of "Kourtney & Kim Take Miami" premiering this Sunday, MTV News decided to put the girls to a test with a lightning round of personal and pop-culture questions. What did the girls reveal? Watch the video to find out!

Can you name two One Direction guys?

Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis may be on everyone's radars these days, but have the guys of One Direction made it onto the Kardashians' playlist?

"I couldn't name one," Kourtney admitted.

Even though Kourtney may not be a Directioner, Kim on the other hand, has found time in between listening to music by her boyfriend Kanye West, to keep up with the boys of 1D.

"Harry Styles," Kim said, guessing correctly. "Is there a Liam? I don't know his last name."

We'll still give it to you Kim, and just so you know, last name = Payne.

Do you like the name Kimye?

After Kim and Kanye became an official couple last year, the two were quickly dubbed "Kimye." The happy couple are expecting their first child in July, with their upcoming bundle of joy even being referred to now as "baby Kimye." Yet, according to Kim, you can keep the "Kimye" coming because she admits that both she and Kanye really like the name.

What is the worst part about living with your sister?

Living with your sister can sometimes prove to be a difficult at times, but throw in cameras, two kids and boyfriends into the mix and things could get interesting. Of course, Kim and Kourtney have their fun moments together, but we wanted to find out what the worst part was about being under one roof.

"Our clothes always get mixed up in the wash," Kim said. "And that really bugged me."