Exclusive 'Paranormal Activity 4' Recovered Files Scares Up New Footage

In a deleted scene from the video release, Alex investigates a mysterious noise.

With the last two films in particular, the previews and trailers for the "Paranormal Activity" series rarely give too much away about the actual film. A large portion of the pre-release footage for "PA3" and "PA4" did not end up in the final film, so where is that extra material coming from and what happens to it beyond its use in the trailers? You're about to find out.

When the unrated edition of "Paranormal Activity 4," last year's entry into the found footage series, hits Blu-ray and DVD on January 29, it will come packaged with almost 30 minutes of "raw, unedited activity," being called the Recovered Files for the home video release.

As a part of the lead-up to the release, MTV News brings you the very first look at one of the Recovered Files, a lengthy sequence featuring Kathryn Newton as Alex, the heroine of the latest demonic hauntings.

In the clip, things start to get a little creepy in Alex's house when she and her friends notice some odd goings-on. As heard in a few of the early previews, the house's alarm system informs Alex and her boyfriend Ben whenever someone opens or closes a door in the house. When the front door opens without explanation, the group of friends goes to investigate, and that's just the beginning.

We won't spoil the big scare of the clip, so you'll just have to check it out for yourself above.

"Paranormal Activity 4: The Unrated Edition" will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on January 29.

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