Pauly D And Jay Sean Just 'Meshed' On 'Back To Love'

'With me and Pauly, it was a lot more organic feeling,' Jay Sean tells MTV News of creating the club-ready track.

Pauly D clearly hasn't wasted any time post-"Jersey Shore." On Tuesday, he dropped his first single, "Back to Love," a fist-pumping, club-ready track.

The single, which will be featured on Pauly D's upcoming album with 50 Cent's G-Note records, shows off Pauly's DJ skills as Jay Sean lends an assist, laying down a smooth vocal over the infectious dance beat.

"I wanted to put out something different, something people could relate to with a little emotion," Pauly D told MTV News about why he chose "Back to Love" as his first single. "But I wanted a nice melody, I also wanted it to play it in the club, I wanted it to be able to play on the radio and people weren't really expecting this from me."

People may also not have been expecting Pauly D to hook up with Sean, but according to the British singer, collaborating with former reality star was a no-brainer.

"I've seen him DJ. He's clearly got a massive following on Twitter alone. He's got over 4 million fans and God knows how many on Facebook," Sean told MTV News via Skype. "He's got a massive massive fanbase, so for me it was a really good opportunity to put my voice out there in the marketplace."

While creating the track, which took three months, Pauly D revealed that he and Sean's ideas "meshed" together, which Sean admits is important when creating a hit.

"With me and Pauly, it was a lot more organic feeling," Sean said. "I'm a firm believer in the fact that when music is made organically and when it's not contrived, it shows in the music and I think the energy that goes into the melting pot of that song, it really will come to life on radio and in the club and that's what happened with this song."

A solid single isn't the only thing that came out of this recording session, it seems a friendship blossomed as well.

"Jays' a great, great guy. He's a nice, funny person; he reminds me of myself. He even said that in England he was like a guido in England, kinda like how I am," Pauly D said. "He's used to have gelled hair and he's just really talented."

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