Kim Kardashian Says Pregnancy Advice 'Can't Really Help' Her

Reality starlet talks to MTV News about why 'you're never really prepared' and what fans will and won't see on 'Kourtney & Kim.'

Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian has admitted that pregnancy has its share of "growing pains," but according to her sister Kourtney, her body isn't the only thing that will change.

MTV News recently caught up with the two while they were promoting the new season of "Kourtney & Kim Take Miami," and Kourtney shared some motherhood wisdom to her little sis.

"Your entire life changes," she said. "So I think just adjusting to new life and putting somebody else before herself."

Luckily for Kim, her sister has been the perfect role model for her since she is the mother of two kids, Mason and Penelope.

"I think I've had a really good example by watching Kourntey for sure on how to juggle motherhood and a career and a great relationship and stuff like that," Kim said. "But I think you're never really prepared until you go through it yourself, so all the advice, it can't really help that much."

But it doesn't seem like we will get to see first-hand how Kim will adjust to motherhood, since she revealed that she plans to keep both the birth and her baby "private." But Kardashian fans, don't be disappointed yet, Kim said there will be some baby talk on this season of "Kourntey & Kim Take Miami," which premieres Sunday on E!

"[You won't see] the moment where I find out that I'm pregnant. We weren't filming at that point," Kim said. "And I tell Kourntey, so you'll see enough, just maybe right at the end when we're leaving Miami, and that's kind of when I find out, but you won't see the moment where I find out."