Ed Sheeran Will Record Album During Taylor Swift Tour

'The A Team' singer aims for a 2014 release date for his sophomore release.

Ed Sheeran is not only ready for his "mind-blowing" gig opening for Taylor Swift on her upcoming spring tour, but the ginger-haired singer is also looking forward to recording a new batch of tunes while on the road.

"I've got around 26 songs for the next record, and I've got another nine months on the road to keep writing as well, so the record's definitely on his way," Sheeran told Billboard. "I can tell you it will probably come out in February 2014, and I'm gonna be recording and writing it over the whole Taylor tour."

For anyone wondering what this release might sound like, here are some clues he's given us. First, he shared with MTV News that his + follow-up would be a "reggae-infused heavy metal album," and then he thought he might go for "like proper death metal." While we get he's joking, regardless of how hard he does go, fans should expect an even more mature sound from the Grammy-nominated Brit.

"Most of the first record was written when I was 17, 18 at the time, and I'm 21 now," he further told Billboard. "So I've definitely evolved in the way I write songs and the way I perform, the whole mindspace. So it's just going to be a little more developed, I think."

Sheeran appeared on Swift's unstoppable 2012 release Red with "Everything Has Changed," so it's quite possible that Swift might return the favor and make a cameo on his next release. And, as always, he only has the nicest things to say about his future tourmate.

"I'm a fan of Taylor's, not just her work but her ethics and that she writes her hits herself and she's probably the only woman in her position in the industry who writes 100 percent of her hits," he gushed. "It's a very cool thing. The song that ended up on her record was pretty much 100 percent her idea in the first place; I did what I could to help, but she definitely knows what she's doing."

The tour kicks off on March 13 in Omaha and ahead of the trek, Sheeran is up for Song of the Year for "The A Team" at the Grammys on February 10. Rumor has it, he also helped Justin Bieber with Believe Acoustic, out January 29.