Destiny's Child Paves Way For The Saturdays And 2013 Girl Power

U.K. girl group and 'massive' DC fans weigh in on DC's reunion plans to MTV News.

Much to the delight of fans everywhere, Destiny's Child came out of hibernation last week when they dropped spankin' new track "Nuclear." And that one tune sparked an explosion of excitement at the thought of Beyoncé, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland reuniting after years spent professionally apart.

And, now, with the possibility that they will also take the stage together at the Super Bowl next month, it seems that girl power is set to rule 2013.

And, that notion has U.K. girl group The Saturdays quite hyped. So, how stoked are they for the DC girls to get back together? "I'm so excited. I've heard a tiny little clip and I love it. I'm hoping it's not just for one single, which I heard it is," Saturdays member Rochelle Humes told MTV News on Wednesday when they stopped by the newsroom ahead of the Sunday premiere of their E! reality show, "Chasing The Saturdays," on January 20.

Of course the Beyoncé-led girl group is also releasing the compilation album Love Songson January 29. But for Humes, there's never enough Destiny's Child, which means she'll probably be tuning into the Super Bowl halftime show on February 3. She added, "Yes, I know I heard that; massive, massive Destiny's child fans. It's just huge news."

What makes the DC news even more exhilarating is the fact that the ladies of the Saturdays are only one degree of separation away from knowing Queen B, Michelle and Kelly. "And it's really cool because we actually worked with Rodney Jerkins on a track recently," Una Healy revealed. "And I always remember in 'Say My Name' that Darkchild [shout out]. We actually got him to go in and put it down. He says, 'I'm not sure if I'll keep it in or not,' and we're like 'Oh gosh!' cause I remember growing up listening to that song."

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