Nicki And Mariah's 'American Idol' Debut: Fans Take Sides

Barbz and Lambs sound off on Wednesday's premiere, which saw the two divas getting feisty.

Fans finally got their first taste of the Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey beef during Wednesday's "American Idol" premiere. MC and the MC were feisty from the get-go, and both fan armies were quick to back up their diva.

While many of Minaj's Barbz and Carey's Lambs were taking sides, some were stumped as to why these two divas just can't make it work.

"Really? 2 incredibly successful woman like Mariah and Nicki are at it with eachother??? Ladies, you are showing some low self esteem," Sandy wrote on MTV News' website. "Where is the love that is your real power!!!"

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The Twittersphere also sounded off on the new judges. "Nickiiii you looked absolutely beautiful! & your advice was amazing and very uplifting & inspiring! @NICKIMINAJ," one Barb, ‏@muntaZOLANSKI, wrote. @DermDocHomer added, "I'm seriously loving Nicki Minaj as an American Idol judge! She's quite a character!"

Of course, the Lambs had equally glowing reviews of their own queen diva. "@MariahCarey definitely demonstrates grace and professionalism on #idol," @LisaLarter wrote on Twitter, while @blake_kye said, "@MariahCarey love you MC. bring the house down on AI."

But not all the reviews were positive. @prettybarb_kaya wrote that he felt Carey tried to make the focus her and not the contestants, critiquing, "@MariahCarey it's not all about you tho."

@adrieesteeze shared the opinion of a few other Nicki haters, "Why nicki Minaj is on american idol as a judge is beyond me.."

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Over on MTV News' Facebook page, it seemed that regardless of what side you're on, this season of "American Idol" is one to tune into week after week. "I loved it! It was great and everything I expected!" Karla wrote. "I'm hooked and dvr is set for the season!!!"

That opinion was also floating around the Twitterverse with @Planet_Cody sharing, "I'm digging the new American Idol judge panel."

@thezitajones added, "American Idol gonna be fun this season!!!! Nicki Minaj and Mariah are already taking on each other!!!"

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