'Workaholics' Is Back, And Anthony Anderson Better Be Watching

MTV News hits the set of 'Workaholics' for a seriously senior party, some campaigning for guest stars.

Wednesdays are about to get weird once again: Comedy Central's "Workaholics" is back with all-new episodes, and this time out, the guys are drawing inspiration from the classics.

"Basically, this is a lot like the last season of 'The Real World,'" Blake Anderson told MTV News. "Drama is up in the house and the boys are at each other's throats."

"Fist fights, fisticuffs, girls hitting girls," Kyle Newacheck — who, for reasons apparent only to him, was dressed as "The Mouth of the South," Jimmy Hart, when we interviewed him — added. "It's great."

Sadly, we saw none of those fisticuffs when MTV News hit up the "Workaholics'" set in Van Nuys, California late last year (also absent: co-star Adam DeVine, who left early because he was sick) ... but there was one rather prominent guest-star in attendance: Sally Kellerman, best known for her role as "Hot Lips" Houlihan in Robert Altman's "MASH."

"Sally Kellerman of 'MASH' fame, [she was] Oscar-nominated," Anders Holm joked. "She didn't win, that's probably the only reason she's here."

Kellermen is part of an upcoming episode in which the guys head to a nursing home to rescue Adam DeMamp's grandfather (or "Gra-Mamp-a"), And as the show returns for the second-half of their third season, they're aiming for the stars ... literally. They openly campaigned to our cameras for the likes of Tom Selleck and Tom Sizemore to make cameos, though, really, they're really holding out hope for one superstar to show up on the show.

"Really we just need to get Anthony Anderson, that's all we need," Holm said. "We don't want anybody until we can get Anothony Motherf---ing Anderson. I know we might seem annoying and stupid in this interview, but, Anthony, check our show, see if you like it."

"Workaholics" returns Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/ 9 p.m. CT on Comedy Central.