Ke$ha's 'C'mon' Video, Frame By Frame: Watch Now!

Director Darren Craig leads MTV News through the clip, from the 1970s influence to the 'derelict' furries.

One of the best things about Ke$ha's new video for "C'mon" is the fact that it's so very Ke$ha. Meaning we might not know exactly what is going on in the clip or why, but the point is, she's having fun and doing so surrounded by random furries, bright colors and an eclectic wardrobe.

When MTV News caught up with the video's director, Darren Craig, recently, he explained that their plans for the shoot didn't necessarily involve a concrete story line, but it was more about taking a fun trip to "Planet Ke$ha." We also enlisted Craig to share some behind-the-scenes details from the shoot in a frame-by-frame commentary, which you can watch and listen to in the video below.

The director, who also helmed the video for "Die Young," revealed that he was artistically influenced by the early 1970s, thus the use of an old 1974 van as their time-traveling transport, along with the 8-track player and some of the lighting and accessories used to decorate the space. Also, they wanted animals behaving like humans.

"There is a cat driving [the van], just 'cause," Craig said of the person dressed in a giant cat costume steering the van, one of many furry friends featured. "These furries, my vision and Ke$ha's, was that we wanted them to be the derelict version of kid-show characters who are drunk and playing dice in the park."

When asked why Ke$ha and her crew decide to smash up a local mini-mart at the end of the video, which was filmed at the La Hacienda mini-mart in Nashville, Craig said it just seemed like the right thing to do.

"Who doesn't want to beat the hell out of a grocery store?" he said, adding that his star needed no direction on smashing things with a baseball bat. "She knows how to break stuff really well. She's a pro."

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