Benedict Cumberbatch Unleashes 'Star Trek' Villain

'Sherlock' star shared one line of John Harrison dialogue with MTV News on Golden Globes red carpet.

While the sheer passion of the Internet fandom around TV's Sherlock and this spring's last nemesis of the Starship Enterprise, John Harrison in "Star Trek Into Darkness," may be a mystery to those unfamiliar with Benedict Cumberbatch, but a quick look at his latest MTV News interview from the red carpet at the Golden Globes (January 13) would clear things up.

Cumberbatch arrived at one of Hollywood's biggest parties of the year as a nominee for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television, but it was the other talent on the red carpet that really had his attention. After Robert Pattinson distracted him for a moment, Cumberbatch caught sight of his "War Horse" director Steven Spielberg and proceeded to heap compliments onto the filmmaker, who was there to support his nominated film "Lincoln."

"He's such a wonderful man. He's been incredibly supportive of my career and said incredibly lovely things about me," Cumberbatch said. "I've only got light compliments to return to him. He's incredible. It was a thrill to be here last year for 'War Horse.' "

The conversation turned briefly to predictions for the night's winners, but then Adele showed up. "I'm crap at favorites. I'm not good at it. When Damien barreled onto the stage for his Emmy this year — oh my God, Adele, I'm sorry," Cumberbatch said. "We're in the same choir, and we do our nails at the same salon."

Once reined in, Cumberbatch was able to discuss his mysterious role in the upcoming "Star Trek" sequel. What we've seen of the villainous John Harrison so far has only been a series of whispers, and Cumberbatch joked, saying that's as loud as we'll ever hear him. "I only whisper for the whole movie. It's very quiet in space," he said. "You can talk at very, very low decibels and people hear you."

After teasing viewers with what he claimed was a silent mouthing of Harrison's true identity, Cumberbatch offered up one line from the film.

"I can help you."

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