'Catching Fire' Will Look 'Very Different' From 'Hunger Games'

'There's a very interesting way they're going to dramatize the Games themselves,' actor Toby Jones teases to MTV News.

When "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" picks up the adventures of Katniss Everdeen in November, it'll be the same stubborn archer in the same unrelenting Panem — but with a new visual twist.

At the Golden Globes this year, MTV News had a moment to catch up with nominated actor Toby Jones, who stars in the "Hunger Games" franchise as Claudius Templesmith, the announcer of the Hunger Games. When asked to talk about the differences between new director Francis Lawrence and the filmmaker behind the first "Hunger Games" film, Gary Ross, Jones teased that fans are in for something very new.

"It's a very different rhythm he works at. A whole different visual sense that people will be excited about," Jones told MTV. "There's a whole different way of showing the film that I can't really talk about. There's a very interesting way that they're going to dramatize the Games themselves."

Jones couldn't elaborate more than that, but perhaps it's simply because he's not in a position to. According to the actor, his relatively small role as Claudius won't see a significant surge in screen time when "Catching Fire" hits theaters.

"I'm afraid so," Jones said when asked if his role in the new "Hunger Games" film is the same size as it was in the first one. "I'm there because my kids love the book. There's no huge revelation about my character. My kids are happy that I'm in the film. It means they get to go touch the hem of Jennifer Lawrence's garment. That's why I'm there!"