Jason Bateman Promises 'More Pathetic' Michael Bluth In New 'Arrested Development'

'He's lost a little dignity and he's trying to get his life back together,' actor tells MTV at the Golden Globes.

What was "Arrested Development" actor Jason Bateman doing at the Golden Globe Awards Sunday (January 13)? According to what he told MTV News on the red carpet, he's entertaining the idea of a new career in the world of catering.

"I am serving dinner to 10, no 12 tables now because somebody called in sick," Bateman joked. "I feel pretty good — I've been practicing balancing plates all morning."

We'd be happy to have him as our cater waiter, but we'd rather know more about those new "different" episodes of "Arrested Development" and how far along he is in shooting.

"I think they've got a little more work to do, but the May-ish [premiere] date is still on for the episodes that set up the movie," Bateman said. "They keep calling it 'season four,' but it's so not that. There are 14 individual episodes that set up the movie so it's only act one. We start a story we don't finish until we're in the movie. They all work together, kind of like what they were going to do with 'Dark Tower' or something," he explained. "It's a hybrid package of entertainment."

So where do we find that dynamic, problem-plagued, damaged character of his, Michael Bluth, when the show returns in May on Netflix?

"Michael has been a little banged up over the last six years and he's lost a little dignity and he's trying to get his life back together," Bateman said. "It's pretty good, he's a little bit more pathetic than the first go-round. Still wearing the same pants though."