Mark Wahlberg's Hot Golden Globes Date? Diddy, Of Course

He may not have scored another award for 'Boardwalk Empire,' but Wahlberg tells MTV News he was 'happy' to be there.

Multi-talented (and very busy) actor/producer Mark Wahlberg might not have scored another Golden Globe for his work as a producer on "Boardwalk Empire" on Sunday night (January 13) — the show lost to "Homeland"— but he told MTV News on the red carpet that he was just happy to be there. And for good reason, as he brought with him a very special someone: Diddy.

"I wouldn't have brought Diddy as my date if I'd known you were going to be here," Wahlberg joked to our intrepid reporter Josh Horowitz. "We came together, we have a bunch of stuff we're working on together so we came together," he explained of how their "man date" came to be. Also, his usual date wasn't available tonight. "My wife had to go to my son's first basketball game," Wahlberg added.

Speaking of Wahlberg's many projects in development, we are very interested to see what he's going to do as the new lead of Michael Bay's next "Transformers" movie and had to ask him to confirm whether or not we'll see him fighting any robots onscreen.

"Well you know they needed to get me to be able to do that, no one else could be able to do that," Wahlberg joked about his action movie credibility. "They auditioned the Rock, he lost to the robot, so they're bringing me in."

Until then, we can satisfy our Wahlberg movie cravings with his upcoming thriller, "Broken City" co-starring Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones.