Ke$ha's 'C'mon' Director Takes A Trip To 'Planet Ke$ha'

'It's about having fun, right? That's a lot of what Ke$ha is about, is fun, being uninhibited,' Darren Craig tells MTV News.

Unsurprisingly, the music video for Ke$ha's new song "C'mon" touches on familiar territory for dedicated Ke$ha enthusiasts. The story line in the new clip, which dropped Friday (January 11), is all about having fun, being the life of a party and inviting a few of your furry friends along for the ride.

MTV News caught up with director Darren Craig to get the inside scoop on how the vision for "C'mon" came together, explaining that the goal of the video wasn't so much to create a logical story line as it was to throw a fun party.

"There's not a huge narrative story. It's about having fun, right? That's a lot of what Ke$ha is about, is fun, being uninhibited," said Craig, who also directed her "Die Young" video. "I think that's what a lot of her fans respect about her, is she gets to be the kind of Tyler Durden from 'Fight Club' [and live] the life that a lot of younger girls might really want to live."

Although the majority of the action in "C'mon" involves fun and games, there is an introductory section in the clip that sheds some real light on the singer's blue-collar roots.

"She is from Nashville and she grew up working her ass off and really had to work hard to get where she is," Craig said. "So we wanted to show this idea of this small-Southern-town girl working in this Southern diner who was just really unhappy and how we could blast out of that lifestyle and into this other alternate dimension and really move more into Planet Ke$ha."

A planet all her own sounds about right for the "Blow" singer, but what happens when you take a trip there?

"Planet Ke$ha, what we've illustrated here, is about fun and about just random craziness," Craig said. "It was really fun. She's obviously a huge animal lover, and ... everything I've done with her, we try to include animals in some way. She calls her fans her Animals, so it's her partying with animals and weird furry ones. It was just really fun."

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